Certificates & Diplomas

The Word and Spirit Certificate and Diploma in Bible and Ministry programmes are based on the same principles that undergird Word and Spirit. These include the belief that the Bible is a fundamentally important and a God-inspired gift that is intended to help us to encounter God, whose desire, amazingly, is to reveal himself to us.

In a journey of exploration, you will discover truth – truth about God and us, how he relates to us and how we can relate to him, how we can benefit from his resources and how we can work with him in fulfilling his will on this earth. The process is intended to be an enjoyable one, resulting in personal satisfaction and exhilaration as you learn about God and encounter him.

As a result of exploring and engaging with the Bible, you will be touched by the heavenly author, God, whose desire and design is not just to reveal truth but also to transform us and create in us a likeness to himself.

The Word & Spirit Certificate and Diploma in Bible and Ministry

What’s included?

Each course for each programme includes teaching, streamed or offered on DVDs with booklets that provide opportunities to think about issues relating to the course concerned. The subjects vary but the central themes relate to the importance of discovering what the Bible says and then applying what we learn to our daily lives.

Each of the first four Bible Study courses (Mark 1-8; Mark 9-16, Ephesians and James) include 15 minutes of teaching related to each of the eight sections in each course; the associated booklets provide questions and data related to each of the eight sections. The Bible and Theology courses include around 30 minutes of teaching related to each of the ten sections in each course; the associated booklets provide questions and data related to each of the ten sections.

Who can participate?

The studies are open to all; no prior qualifications or knowledge is needed. They have been created to cater for young and older Christians. All that is needed is the gift of curiosity and a desire to explore what the Bible has to say about the topics concerned.

Who are the tutors?

Dr Keith Warrington is the main tutor although other specialists are involved.

Dr Keith Warrington, teaching at a Bible College.

What subjects are covered?

The Certificate programme comprises:

Bible Study courses
– Mark 1-8
– Mark 9-16
– Ephesians
– James

Bible and Theology courses
– New Testament Studies (The Gospels)
– New Testament Studies (The Letters)
– God the Father
– God the Spirit 

The Diploma programme comprises: 
– Old Testament Studies (Genesis to Esther) 
– Old Testament Studies (Job to Malachi) 
– God the Son 
– Encountering God through the Bible 
– Healing and Suffering 
– Foundational Beliefs 
– The Art of Preaching
– Lessons in Leadership

How do I gain a Certificate or Diploma?

If you want to achieve the Certificate and/or Diploma, all the relevant courses have to be undertaken and a 1500 word essay is to be completed for each course.

How do I work through each course?

The courses have been designed so that they can be studied on one’s own or with others

Are the courses available in other languages?

We are working on this currently and, thus far, we have courses in French, Chinese, Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, Telugu and Italian. Please let us know if you would like this translated into another language.

What Can We Do for You?

We understand that every Church and Study group may have different focuses and requirements. We can tailor a specific package to fulfil any study requirements.