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Biblefirst is one of the programmes offered by Word and Spirit ( Word and Spirit was initiated in 2013 by Dr Keith and Judy Warrington to facilitate opportunities for Christians to encounter God as they engage with the Bible. Biblefirst partners with you as you explore a selection of short daily Bible readings, with a focus on variety, comment and application. As you embark on 30 days of Bible readings, which will be automatically sent to you daily, be prepared to Explore, Discover, Enjoy and Apply what you read – these are keywords that permeate Word and Spirit programmes.

We’re going to spend some time in each of the Gospels because they focus on Jesus and also in one of the first letters to be written in the NT, written even before the Gospels; it’s Galatians and here, Paul explores the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives. I’ve chosen to take the readings from the ESV (English Standard Version) because it’s a particularly fluent translation.

As Christians, we’re called to a fascinating journey of exploration of the Bible and of God, the divine author. As a result of this journey, you’ll discover truth – about God and us, how he relates to us and how we can relate to him, how we can benefit from him and how we can work with him in fulfilling his will on earth. As a result of exploring the Bible, you’ll be touched by the heavenly author, whose desire is not just to teach us but also to transform us.

The best gift that you can bring with you is your gift of curiosity – a readiness to ask questions of the text and taking time to “listen” for any responses from the human or the divine authors. We have been destined for an eternity of endless enjoyment of God – and we have the privilege of starting the journey now. Be prepared to be surprised by what God will reveal to you about himself and look forward to being transformed. 

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