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Why we exist

Word and Spirit is dedicated to enabling believers to engage with the Bible and to encounter God in the process, in a way that is accessible, enjoyable and life-transforming.  The guiding principles we use when creating our resources are:-

Explore –  We are called to a fascinating journey of exploration of the message of the Bible and of the one who has given it to us.

Discover – As a result of this journey, we will discover truth – truth about God and us, how he relates to us and how we can relate to him, how we can benefit from his resources and how we can work with him in fulfilling his will on this earth.

Enjoy – Studying the Bible should be not just valuable but also enjoyable, resulting in moments of revelation that will result in a smile of satisfaction, an emotion of exhilaration, and an expression of the word “Wow” as you encounter God.

Apply – As a result of exploring and engaging with the Bible, the reader will be touched by the heavenly author, God, whose desire and design is not just to teach us truth but also to change us, to transform us and to create in us a likeness to himself.

The books written by Dr Keith Warrington are devoted to a range of topics. Firstly, and most importantly, six books which explore the members of the Godhead;

God the Father (God and Us. A Life-Changing Adventure)

Jesus (Discovering Jesus in the New Testament; The Miracles of Jesus: What do they teach us about Jesus?)

The Holy Spirit (The Message of the Spirit; Discovering the Holy Spirit in the New Testament; A Biblical Theology of the Holy Spirit).

Finally, the topics of
Healing and Suffering (Healing and Suffering. Biblical and Pastoral Reflections)

Pentecostal Theology (Pentecostal Theology: A Theology of Encounter).

The Bible Study and Theology series (which comprise booklets and videos) are best used in small or large groups or as personal resources. They are dedicated to the exploration of individual biblical books and issues central to Christianity.

The Word and Spirit materials are based on the beliefs that 
(i) the Bible is intended to be a fundamentally important partner to believers
(ii) that the Holy Spirit has been given as the best teacher to enable us to encounter truth
(iii) that God desires to encounter us in order that he might reveal himself to us.

A Certificate, Diploma and Masters in Bible and Ministry is available for those who wish to study all the courses in the Bible Study and Theology series, either individually or corporately.
For more information, go to the Qualifications section of our website.

The best gift that you can bring with you when you study the Bible is the gift of curiosity – a readiness to ask questions of the Biblical text and then to take time to listen for any responses from the human or the divine authors. Ours is a great privilege and honour. We have been destined for an eternity of endless and captivating enjoyment of God – but we have been offered the privilege of starting the journey now. Be prepared to be surprised by what God will reveal to you about himself – look forward to being transformed as a result of your time with God in the Bible.

Feedback & Reviews

What people are saying about our resources

Pentecostal Theology. A Theology of Encounter

Here, at last, is a scholarly and comprehensive account of Pentecostal theology from one of this tradition’s leading scholars. Warrington has achieved what has not been done before. With lucid clarity and a willingness to engage with differing perspectives, combined with a skilled use of biblical exegesis and abundant secondary literature, he has written a volume that will stand as a benchmark
for years to come – an eminently readable text.

Prof. Allan Anderson

Professor of Global Studies
University of Birmingham

Discovering the Holy Spirit in the New Testament

The contributions of Keith Warrington to Pentecostal theology and scholarship are well known on several continents. He has taught numerous individuals who now find themselves in positions of leadership around the world. He has produced a very useful book that provides a helpful examination of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament. His decision to listen to every New Testament voice is an extraordinarily important methodological step, as is his desire to make clear the implications of this study for believers.  For this we are all in his debt.

Prof. John Christoper Thomas

Clarence J. Abbot Professor of Biblical Studies Church of God Theological Seminary Tennessee

Discovering Jesus in the New Testament

When preaching/teaching from a given New Testament book, consulting Dr. Warrington’s treatment provides great insights into the presentation of the Jesus story and theology. Warrington’s
Discovering Jesus in the New Testament will make a valuable addition to a pastor’s library, and one that will find repeated usage.

Dr. James H. Railey Jr.

Professor of Theology
Assemblies of God Theological Seminary


The Miracles in the Gospels. What do they teach us about Jesus?

Systematic and insightful, academic and inspiring, these studies on all the miracles of Jesus will speak to a wide range of people, from young Christians to preachers and seasoned scholars. Dr.
Warrington has given us a rich and interesting book that I can thoroughly recommend.

Prof. William K. Kay

Professor of Theology
Glyndwr University

What people are saying about the Word and Spirit Bible Studies

“So insightful, magnificent.”

“We used the Word and Spirit material and it went superbly well. Folks couldn’t get enough!”.

“I can thoroughly recommend  
Dr Warrington’s teaching – sitting at the feet of the master.”

“I have been using the Word and Spirit Bible Study booklets and it’s really taken off. Everyone is reading the Bible much more than before.”

“We started Word and Spirit with my discipleship group and they loved it! It’s a wonderful resource.”

“I have so enjoyed journeying through the Word with you. You have taught me how to ‘suck the marrow’ out of the texts, and to absorb everything I can from each ‘bite’. I am grateful that you have written your wisdom down, so that I, and many others, may continue to benefit from the gift our amazing God has blessed you with. Thank you.” 

“Word and Spirit is great! I’m working through James.”

“An awesome few hours of wonderfully accessible exposition – thank you.”

“I could listen to you all day and never get bored!”.

The life of Word & Spirit

Keith & Judy are dedicated to helping you on your spiritual journey to a more intimate relationship with God through the Bible.