Journal Articles by Dr Keith Warrington


Articles (including):

“Some Observations on James 5:13-18″, EPTA Bulletin 8.4 (1989) 160-177
“Holy Joe”, Direction (June 1991) 
“If only I was sick”, Direction (May 1991)
“Anointing with oil and Healing”, EPTA Bulletin 12 (1993) 5-22
“Cohabitation and the Church”, EPTA Bulletin 13 (1994) 63-73 with Neil Hudson
“Anointing with oil and Healing”, EPTA Bulletin 12 (1993) 5-22
“Feeding the Flock”, Direction (1994)
“What kind of God do People See in Me?”, Direction (1994)
“The Significance of Elijah in James 5:13-18″, Evangelical Quarterly 66.3 (1994)
“Cohabitation and the Church”, Churchman 111.2 (1997) 127-142
“The Use of the Name (of Jesus) in Healing and Exorcism with partial reference to the teachings of Kenneth Hagin”, Journal of the European Pentecostal Theological Association 17 (1997) 16-36
“A Window on Wimber and Healing”, Churchman 113.1 (1999)
“Beliefs and practices relating to healing in Pentecostalism” Journal of the European Pentecostal Theological Association 19 (1999) 34-55
“Are Any Among you Sick?”, Wholeness (May/June 1999)
“Healing and Kenneth Hagin”, Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies 3.1 (Jan. 2000)
“Pouring Oil on troubled waters”, Direction 9 (June 2002)
“Would Jesus have sent his disciples to Bible College?” Journal of the European Pentecostal Theological Association 23 (2003) 30-44
“Towards a re-evaluation of the role of Jesus as presented in the healing praxis and teaching of British Pentecostalism” Pneuma (25.1, 2003)
“The Path to Wholeness”, Evangel 21.2 (2003) 45-49 (Guest editor and contributor)
“The Ancient of Days”, Direction 29, (February 2003) 18-21
“Healing Then and Now (James 5:14-18)” International Review of Mission 93.370/371 (2004) 346-367
“Reflections on the History and Development of British Pentecostal Demonological Beliefs and Praxis” Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies 7:2 (July 2004) 281-
“Healing Matters: Touching on a sore point”, Direction 52 (Jan. 2006) 36-37
“Healing Matters: What to remember when you’re praying”, Direction 53 (Feb. 2006) 20-21
“Healing Matters: Jesus’ powerful pointers”, Direction 54 (March 2006) 30-31
“Healing Matters: Is sin a barrier to healing?”, Direction 55 (April 2006) 37
“Be holy or Different?”, Analyse 1 (2006) 9
“Acts and the Healing Narratives. Why?”, Journal of Pentecostal Theology 14.2 (April 2006) 189-218
“Healing and Suffering in the Bible”, International Review of Mission 95.376/377 (2006) 154-164
“A Response to James Shelton concerning Jesus and Healing: Yesterday and Today”, Journal of Pentecostal Theology 15.2 (April 2007) 185-193
“Suffering and the Spirit in Luke-Acts”, Journal of Biblical and Pneumatological Research Vol. 1 (Fall, 2009) 15-32
“Pentecostals and the Bible”, Scripture and Tradition 4.1 (May, 2010) 5-28
“The Fourth Dimension, the Word and the Spirit”, Yonggi Cho’s 4th Dimension Spirituality ( 2010) 64-111
“Challenges facing Pentecostals Today”, Journal of European Pentecostal Theological Association (2010)
“Social Transformation in the Mission of Pentecostals: a priority or a bonus”, Journal of European Pentecostal Theological Association (forthcoming)
“Pentecostal Theological Education – for the 21st Century”, World Association for Pentecostal Theological Education (forthcoming)
“The Quest for a Pentecostal Theology”, Pneuma Review, 16.1 (Winter 2013), 26-41.
“Une Theologie de la Theologie Pentecotiste”, Istina, (2012) 339-356.
“Cracked or Broken: Pentecostal Unity”, Journal of Youngsan Theology, 28 (2013) 59-104
“ Pentecostals and the Bible“, Journal of Youngsan Theology Vol. 34, 2015
“There’s much more to the Bible…”, Direction, November, 2016, 26-28.