Mentoring Programmes for (i) Bible Preachers/Teachers (also introducing (ii) a new programme for learning enough Greek to enhance your teaching and preaching) and (iii) Writers – with Dr Keith Warrington

Learning is a journey that may be eternal, but we have the privilege to start now...

The aim of these one year mentoring programmes is for me to walk with folk who feel that God has given them (i) a teaching gift or who have an aspiration to teach or (ii) an ability to write that they wish to develop. I want to elevate the gift of teaching and to walk with those who wish to develop their writing gifts.

I’m keen to affirm and coach preacher/teachers, in order to help them, as reflected in Ephesians 4:11, “equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ”. I’m also keen to coach writers and help them to become more practiced in their art.

Mentoring (i) Bible Teachers, (ii) those who wish to develop a knowledge of NT Greek to enhance their preaching/teaching and (iii) Writers

I want to...

(i) help you leave your listeners and readers wanting more.

(ii) incentivise you in your preaching/teaching and writing.

(iii) raise your levels of expectancy, and in your listeners/readers, so that sermons/scripts become events when folk lean forward to engage with you rather than lean back to sleep.

(iv) enable you to enjoy the teaching and writing experiences – because it will do you and your listeners/readers good and God will be encountered in the process.

Elements in the programmes

  • Complete relevant Word and Spirit courses (Online, Streamed Access and Booklet). For Preachers/Teachers, they’ll be The Art of Preaching, God the Father  and  Encountering God in the Bible. Writers complete the latter course. 
  • Quarterly, have Zoom meetings with me.
  • Quarterly, read 1 of 4 assigned books and send a review for each.
  • Provide 2-4 sermons/talks/scripts (some filmed) with full printed notes for feedback.
  • Prepare a 6 month potential teaching programme or a writing programme.
  • Bi-monthly, complete a 1000-1500 words review on various issues.
  • Set 5 personal teacher/writer-related targets.
  • We will explore ways concerning the construction of sermons and literary scripts.
  • Join at least 3 Masterclasses.
The NT Greek programme will involve 1 or 2 meetings every month (via Zoom and/or pre-recorded masterclasses). I will assume no knowledge of NT Greek and will build from learning the alphabet to understanding how nouns and verbs are used, through to appreciating other aspects of Greek syntax, all of which is intended to enhance your teaching and preaching. Throughout, there will be practical learning opportunities and attention dedicated to showing how this programme can help you explore and explain truths of the Bible. A course book will also function as a partner to you in the process (The Elements of New Testament Greek, Jeremy Duff, Cambridge University Press, 2005, 3rd edition).

There will be a payment per person of £25 per month for 12 months (which includes all the above).
Extra costs relate to the purchase of the assigned books to be read.

If you want further information concerning any of the above programmes, contact Dr. Keith Warrington (

How to get started

If you wish to participate, please sign up today using the button below, as there will be an inevitable maximum of partners per year! If you have any questions please contact us directly here or ring Dr. Warrington on 07543 651435.