Teaching & Preaching

Dr. Keith Warrington is available for teaching and preaching in the UK and abroad.

In the UK, a Word and Spirit weekend would be the norm. In this, Keith would teach on a Saturday, generally for three 1 hour sessions, exploring the Bible in an interactive way and preaching on the following day, Sunday. The focus of these occasions would be to enable folk to increasingly realise the value of the Bible as a means of encountering God. Time will be given to exploring the Bible through the eyes of the authors while also recognising the culture in which they lived – as a result of slowing down and asking questions of the text, present day application will become apparent. All that attendees need are their Bible, their gift of curiosity and a pen. Variations on the above are possible if desired.

If you wish to invite Keith to teach abroad, or to develop a training programme for leaders, please initiate a dialogue with him.